BISS 2014

It has been a great pleasure to travel to Norway and judge your Ridgebacks. I have judged only 2 more Rhodesian Ridgeback

Specialties, one in Switzerland and the other one in France but as exhibitor I also travel to other countries and I see other Ridgebacks and I must admit that I am really impressed by the quality you have. Lately I have seen a lot of narrow fronts or cathedral fronts with straight angulations in front meanwhile in rear were not so bad. Also long loins it’s becoming popular in Ridgebacks. That’s why during my judging, my focus was on correct fronts and good angulations. The size and bone of your ridgebacks is also quite correct, maybe some females were a little bit high but I won’t bother as your males were fine and a lot of females were also correct, but keep it

in mind. Something that you have to improve is the wide of the ridge. I saw a lot of narrow ridges (1cm)

so I think that this can be a focus to improve in the next years. I loved to see a wide range of colours of the coat, from light wheaten to red wheaten, keep it. And although I am not a big fan of the liver nosed Ridgebacks you have really nice ones that’s

why I placed them.

My BOB was a really outstanding male, he was masculine with good bone. Nice male head with lovely dark eyes, excellent forechest and wide deep chest, correct angulations and topline. His movement was powerful with reach and elegant. He sparks in the ring, in Spain we say that the dog has “chispa”.

My BOS was a lovely female, feminine but with nice muscles and bone. Nice head and elegant neck, excellent front, wide and full chest, correct angulations and very nice movement, elegant and powerful.

I congratulate the organization, everything went as scheduled and they kept the bad weather away ;) , lovely Gala dinner, nice show ring and prizes for the winners and great stewards (Kathrina and Christine, really professional).

I enjoyed a lot the environment of the show, wonderful landscape and nice friendship of all the exhibitors.

I really keep Norway in my heart.

And if you ever come to Spain, please tell me and I will help you in everything I can.